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How to Paint an Emotion

despareI finished a design where I assigned myself two challenges… paint in a style to convey emotion and to freestyle the painting.  I enjoyed the process so much and the end result of the painting felt so right that I’m going to create a large format painting using “Despare” as the reference piece.

The one thing that I think I would change is a personal preference. I prefer matte finishes on artwork and the Multi-Surface Satin acrylics I used have a slight glossy finish.  After the piece has cured for 7 days, I’ll varnish it with DuraClear varnish – matte finish.  The full size painting I’ll be creating will be done with Traditions acrylics.

New Design – Vino

VinoI had a blast designing this workshop. Based on a background done in the Book of Background series, I go in explicit detail on how to paint something transparent,  making areas dark with transparent colours and using opaque lights to give the glass a pop of accent.  Also covered is using a mobile device as your reference material (in case you don’t have a printer), how to transfer a drawing without graphite paper and more.   Line drawings are also provided for the left and right placement of the glass.

Click here for more details on this workshop and I hope you enjoy it!

New Workshops Coming Up

I haven’t been doing too much blogging with my current schedule of commercial portrait work and designing.  But I can give you a hint on what’s coming up in the next few months.

Painting Portait Features - glazing the portraitFirst, I have a new article being released in the April 2014 issue of Interactive Artist Magazine, part 2 of a portrait – glazing stages.  Next… a new series I’m writing for the same magazine “Painting Portrait Features” in oils and for the intermediate to advanced painter.  The style of painting will be “Alla Prima” and is going to be a ton of fun!


in addition… here are some workshops I’m working on (there are more to come)…

  • painting and drawing studies and workshops featuring
    • still life subjects
    • animals
    • people
    • landscapes
  • a study of master artist John Singer Sargent
  • more art journaling of course
  • a series of new book binding videos
  • a new Colour Theory workshop – geared to those who hate to colour mix
  • a whole new series of mixed media videos later on this year to go along with the release of DecoArts new Mixed Media program.
  • and much more…it’s just too early to list everything here

With the fun and whimsical art to the formal fine art, I’ve changed the focus of the website from “It’s All About the Art” to “Where Left and Right Brain Come to Play”!

Latest DOUG 2014 workshop shows how to upcycle a background


Using a background created from the Book of Backgrounds 2013 series, work from prompts, ideas and inspirations to create art pieces using a variety of materials.

What makes this piece special is teaching you how to recycle something you don’t like… in this case, a background page I didn’t like, and transformed it into something beautiful.

This workshop is quite detailed and we also discuss composition, colour mixing, atmospheric perspective and values.

Length of Video: 1 hour and 33 minutes

Access it by clicking here.

Current Promotions – Get Free Workshops

For the Month of April, we’re running the following promotions.

Promotion 1:  Book of Backgrounds
For every $50 donation you make, you’ll get to pick ANY “FOUR” DOUG 2014 videos to download – free of charge!  You can see pictures of the DOUG videos on the right menu by clicking on the links.   Once your donation is made for any Book of Background video, in the Pay Pal screen, you can indicate which two videos you want or you can click the Contact Me link in the top menu and let me know.  You need to email me your choice of DOUG videos by April 30th, 2014.

You can make your donation on any of the individual Book of Background pages or you can make a general donation below.


Promotion 2:  Drawing Essentials for Beginners
When you purchase this workshop, you get a free copy of Wilf – Pet Portrait Drawing

As with all downloadable videos, please allow 2 business days for me to send you the access information.

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